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Click the picture to download CuratorDefense

The Independent Gaming Source has posted a news article about Curator Defense's release. Here is a direct-link to the news item once it has left the front page. The author of the article, Tim W., describes Curator Defense as "a modern day Dungeon Keeper that offers a new take on real-time strategy." He goes on to finish the article by commenting that "with some perseverance the player will be rewarded with innovative gameplay and quality to match many commercial titles."  

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I guess you will all figure out what's going on here at TedaTech. I am trying to keep it updated with new pictures. The news is the hard part to update as it involves thinking. Check around, look around some of the logo's and pictures are clickable to follow links to some of the sites we would like you to visit. There are some new picture pages up and I am working on some links to other pages.  

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